Praying for President Trump Whether You Voted for Him or Not


November 8, 2016 has come and gone….

The beauty of God’s love is that He gives us the power to choose. He allowed us to vote, but now that the votes are all tallied and the final count is in. To be transparent with you, I did not vote for President Trump. However, no matter how you or I personally feel about the outcome of the election, the Bible clearly outlines what a Christian’s responsibility is when it comes to respecting and covering and dealing with both our spiritual and national leaders.

This book is a must have for your spiritual toolbox.

It is filled with:

  • Practical Prayer Targets
  • Supporting Scriptures
  • Prayer Declarations

The bible shows us that when regular people like you and me pray, we see results. Join with me as we pray for our President and our nation.


Additional Information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 x 8 in


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