Super “Natural” Moms

This Mother’s Day, I wanted to applaud and celebrate you as mothers in the earth – The Super Moms. You know, we are the ones who in our natural roles as caregivers, do the cooking, the cleaning, take the kids to school, make sure they have adequate clothing and that all of our families natural needs are met. Today I salute you! Bravo! I believe that the lessons we teach our children now are the things that guide them for the rest of their lives. There’s nobody like momma!
The 31st book of Proverbs opens with King Lemuel recalling some of the valuable words that his mother taught him. Though some theologians believe King Lemuel, may have been King Solomon, there is no disputing that his mother’s words were influential in the building of his character – she was a super mom! As a queen, she was a woman full of virtue, industry and class. If the virtuous woman was a pattern of his mother, Proverbs 31 gives us her resume, her skill sets, her accomplishments, and her recognition in the community. However, in spite of all of her natural duties, she made sure that she imparted spiritually into her son.
It is very important for us as super moms to be super (natural) moms that help our children employ spiritual weapons to combat the negative forces that they are surrounded by on a daily basis. If you have turned on your television lately, you will notice the increased number of shows depicting vampire and wizardly lifestyles as the norm in the teen, preteen and even school age television market. Now I am not suggesting that you put your kinds in bubble, but a few practical tips can burst the enemies bubble by equipping our kids spiritually to function in society and become hidden threats to satan and his devices. For in the mouth of babes is a hidden power to shut down the enemy.
1) Teach them how to pray. Prayer is simple communication with God, in many cases making our requests known to God. Kids know the principles of prayer because they are always asking you for stuff. Start your child praying early. I taught my son the Lord’s Prayer at age two. Now at age five he does not go to bed without saying his prayers. We spent this last Thanksgiving with family in Lousiana. We drove and on got back home after 1 am. My son fell asleep in the car and I carried him in to house to put him to bed. When his head hit his pillow he mumbled “Our Father who art in heaven.” He said the Lord’s Prayer in his sleep.
2) Teach them scripture. My son is in Pre-K where they are focusing on sight words and word building. I recite verses with him. I started having him write out the scriptures. (This was instructed to me from a prophecy about my son last year) We started with Psalm 23 which has more than 10 of the sight words that he is learning in school. So we read, write and memorize. This is a pre-bedtime activity so he wants to do it so he doesn’t have to go to bed for another 10 or 15 minutes.
3) Teaching them prophecy. The 31st chapter of proverbs opens with the phrase. The prophecy which his mother taught him. His mother was not a prophet, but she had received a word that was designed to prepare her son, a future king for his destiny. When you are able to tell your child where they are going you can verbally create the roadmap for their future.
I have a prophecy that was recorded about my son from a prophetic gathering last year. It is great because I feel that I have a heads up on being an even better mom. I exercise the things in the prophecy with him believing that God will manifest all that He had proclaimed in his life. Like King Lemuel’s mother, a super natural mom – I encourage you to implement the habit of teaching your children prophecy. By doing so you can groom them for their predestined positions of royalty in God’s Kingdom. .”

Happy Mother’s Day
Love Celeste Payne

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