The Time To Go After My Dreams Is Now

Here an affirmation that you can speak over your life regarding going after your dreams.

"God gave me the power to create the life I desire. I want to see my dreams come true so each day I work on at least one task toward accomplishing my life goals.
I am empowered each morning to consider my goals.
I think about what I can do today to move closer toward the things I want to achieve. I think about how I have been given the gift of another day and plan to use it to my best advantage. 
I embrace the responsibility of working toward my dreams each day.
My confidence increases as the day goes on because I know that opportunities are opening so that my dreams are more within my reach. I am motivated to reach for the stars and achieve my life goals.
I realize that I have been given the power of life and death in my tongue. Recognizing that I can create using my words and actions is powerful. This knowledge causes me to think deeply about the things I truly want in life. Sometimes, those things change.
Today, my plan is to write down my life goals. I want my dreams to be very clear to me so I can take action to get closer to living them each day.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  • Do I have life dreams? What are they?
  • What are some actions I can take to get closer to achieving my dreams?
  • What actions can I perform each day to lead me toward my desired life?


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